Heriberto YepzA Brochure on Futureless Science Fiction Poetics

Foretold in music we were rendered undecided
music was merely a signal we would be separated
from matter.

Every Room is a glad member of United Rooms Incorporated. It is uneasy to explain what United Rooms is. United Rooms is not exactly a country. United Rooms is a chain citizenship. A Company in the midst of nothingness. A Brain Exchange Network without a center.
Maybe the best way to understand what a Room is Is to Imagine yourself (The Customer) Without a material support —i.e. without a body— and without the five senses helping you through shopping understanding «your psyche» is just info floating in a buffer zone world.
Inside the United Rooms many deny the existence of United Rooms. Many are convinced United Rooms is just a fantasy. Those who accept being part of the United Rooms tell us that their United States of Mind has as its purpose going beyond the traditional notion of State.
In this sphere, neo-citizens unite through a common information market.
(Info comes and goes in this bodiless world).
Rooms do not want to have a government. Thus, thanks to nanotechnology every one of them is part of the government.
There is not One Ruler. But millions of them.
Every one of you sends information to everybody’s else New Head. (This is called the United Rooms Freedom Act).
Every thought or action taken in United Rooms is subjected to surveys and can only be accomplished when the majority of members of United Rooms determines this is the right action. The right thought. United Rooms, by the most part, is bipartisan.
Even The Sister System —a chain citizenship that competes or opposes the United Rooms male oriented mental genitalia— accepts they may constitute what was formerly knows as a State or Church. The difference being now nobody needs to see anybody else. In United Rooms each bro or sis lives in his or her own world. What it’s generally called a «Room of One’s Own». «Rooms» are what the body was replaced by. A «Room» is only bothered by the external world in cases of extreme failures of what’s called the «Signal». Every room is a port. Info gets in. Info gets out. From and to. Every Room. When the signal fails, the Rooms disappear or quiver. The Rooms fails to stay. Rooms are pure media. In a Room you cannot find yourself. Except by way of somebody else’s info on you. Panic happens. In certain stories gathered in Rooms, Rooms are sometimes described as Social Fantasy Land. Nothing seen by the Rooms is real. Everything Rooms do is determined by the decisions of the majorities of Rooms. Rooms feel as most rooms do. This is sometimes also called «Democrazyness». Welcome.
Rooms rule.